What is AlanHub-supported Blockchain?

AlanHub is using the Polygon blockchain, a second-tier secure blockchain network.  To get more detailed information about the Polygon blockchain, please go to: https://polygon.technology/

What type of NFT-Collectibles tokens are sold on AlanHub?

NFT-Collectibles are smart contract based tokens implemented in ERC-721.

Can I connect my wallet from AlanHub to a third-party application?

Yes. You can use third party applications (such as Metamask) to get access to the wallet on alanhub.com.  Get your wallet’s Private Key and connect it to a third-party application, following the rules of the third-party application.

Can I get my wallet’s Private keys from AlanHub?

Yes. To do this, go to your AlanHub Account Menu and copy the key.  Please note, AlanHub is not responsible for the safety of tokens in your wallet during the copying process and transactions between your wallets.

Can I transfer NFT-Collectibles purchased on AlanHub to another wallet?

Yes.  You can transfer your NFT-collectibles to any third-party wallet.  Please note, the Polygon blockchain network charges fees (Gas Fees) in MATIC cryptocurrency for all transactions on the blockchain.  You should ensure there is a sufficient amount of MATIC cryptocurrency in your wallet where the token is stored before the transfer of the token to another wallet.  The amount of MATIC cryptocurrency is displayed in your wallet on AlanHub.

Please note, Gas Fees are set by the blockchain regardless of AlanHub.  AlanHub does not charge any fees for transferring tokens to third-party wallets.  All transactions must comply with the ERC-721 standards.  Non-compliance may result in the irretrievable loss of the token, without any technical possibility of its subsequent recovery.

Can I store other assets in the wallet on AlanHub?

Yes, however, we recommend that your AlanHub wallet is only used for tokens, purchased on our website.

Can I sell my own content on AlanHub?

Seller account service is not yet activated on our alanhub.com.  However, if you send your requests to worldcup2022@alanhub.com, we will send our terms and conditions to enable you to sell your content on alanhub.com.

Can I view / sell my purchased NFT token on another marketplace?

Yes. The NFT token purchased in our store can be viewed and put up for sale on any marketplace that supports Polygon blockchain (for example, OpenSea).