Hot Cup 2022 – Exclusive World Cup 2022 Collection of Video NFTs

Have fun and collect fan videos!

ONLY 10,000 copies released.

100 exclusive copies only.

Theatrical cut – 10,000 exclusive copies released.

Director’s cut – 100 exclusive copies released.

About project

Exclusive World Cup 2022 Limited Edition Collection of Microvideo NFTs – ‘HOTCUP22’

HOTCUP22 is a fun football-inspired collection of humorous animated cartoons. AlanHub presents you with a chance to have exclusive rights to one or all of the limited edition series in NFT form, released in the run up to the Final of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Own it, resell it, make money in the future, share with your friends, have fun NOW!


Can you guess?

AlanHub will publish a series of microvideo episodes around most notable matches during the World Cup.
Follow the results and be the first to own original videos celebrating the victory of your favourite team!

Coming Soon

26 November
26 November
27 November
28 November
28 November
1 December

How to buy

How to get video as NFT

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How do I buy these videos?

Simply register, add your favourite videos to your ‘Shopping Basket’ and pay by credit or debit card.

How do my videos become NFTs?

We register your purchase on the blockchain and your videos become NFTs.

Where will I find my purchased NFT?

Your NFT appears in your account as an NFT token.

Can I transfer my NFT video to my crypto wallet?

Yes, you can transfer your NFT token to your crypto wallet.

Stay tuned!

Check for updates every day and buy new videos.

Celebrate victories of your favourite teams! Own a piece of history, stay tuned and get your new meme of the most notable match.